Monday, February 27, 2012

Fort Woof

The high for last Thursday was a beautiful 80 degrees. It turned out to be an even better 85 degrees! Since my dog is becoming fat and lazy even while on a restricted diet, I decided to take the day off and take him out to the dog park.

We love the dog park...yes, I said we. What happens at the dog park? Its just tons and tons of dogs running around off-leash being crazy and chasing bones and chasing each other and sniff-fest 3000 and slobber get the idea. Falco loves it, but his lack of exercise became apparent when he was exhausted after fetching his tennis ball for only the 4th time. Poor guy. I have big plans for his regimen come springtime!!!!

This guy right here was my favorite. Have you ever seen a 3-legged dog in real life? I hadn't. It was pretty amazing to watch him hop around on that one leg but still wag his tail in complete happiness.

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