Friday, October 28, 2016

With Old Age comes Blogging

I guess now that I'm 30 (tomorrow), and old, I may as well start blogging regularly. Plus I just had a baby so I'm sure she's going to be getting me into shenanigans worth blogging about. I mean, I already had the day I forgot to pack extra clothes and she had a massive blowout while I sat getting my hair cut, and I kept wondering what that awful smell was, so she had to run the rest of my errands with me while naked...her naked, not me. Obvi. Photos for reference.

There was also the early Halloween party where we (so cleverly, I thought) dressed her as a "deflated" football to match zombie Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen in our epic deflategate costume...and everyone commented on what a cute boy we had. Photo for reference.

Or that time we took her to the children's hospital at a week old and I leaned over to fill out paperwork and farted, courtesy of my recently expelled baby. I don't think the receptionist heard, though - I'm pretty sure the shuffling of pen, paper, purse, etc masked it....who am I kidding, she totally heard. And if she wasn't quite sure she heard what she thought she did, my wide eyes probably gave me away. No photo for reference, you're welcome.

At any rate, I have gone on a crafting spree for the little babe, and she is now outfitted with a warm winter "wrong Indian" poncho, as both grandmothers have hilariously pointed out, for as you may or may not know, my husband is West Indian. Here is the poncho pattern. This is seriously, hands down, the easiest sewing project I've ever done, and I loved how she constantly says, basically, just wing it. I am not the best seamstress (that word is way to professional to apply to my skill level) sewer on the planet so this was nice...if you zoom in you'll actually see the crooked zigzag where I accidentally switched my stitch to the wrong size zigzag and it was drastically obvious. I have since covered it with a diamond piece of felt like the blogger suggests so it really didn't matter, but these pics were my test run so, errors in full view.

And naturally, like the perfect baby she is, she loves it. We took her out in it Wednesday night and at one point she started crying. I thought she might've been hot, so I took it off -- she immediately went silent. It couldn't have been from the poncho though, she was probably just making noise, so I put it back on. She started crying immediately so I took it back off and she went silent. That was really just a coincidence, though, so I put it back on. She started crying so I took it off. Who am I kidding, she completely and utterly hates it. I'm pretty sure its because she can't use her arms while she has it on, but its so adorable that I will make her love it.

It really is pretty cool though. Babies can't wear coats when they're in their carseat, and I've read mommy-blog complaints about how you have to take them OUT of their coat to put them in their carseat and then they lose all the warmth they had in their coat, and vice versa when you take them from their blanket/carseat warmth to put them into their coat. This fixes all of that. And the ducking fabric (in place of the suggested linen) I used has some weight to it so it really is pretty warm. I might have to make one for myself!