Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CraigsList Weirdo

I'm a Craigslist addict, let me be the first to admit. I have sold so many things on there that when I look through my account, I can't figure out what half of them even are. Like "couch and chair with ottoman set"...what? I had that? And I sold it?? Or did I sell it? Because I have it listed as $200 and I'm pretty sure I've never made $200 off a Craigslist ad or I would remember it. So what happened to this "set"? Then of course there is the time I picked up a wicker table and matching chairs from my apartment dumpster and sold it for $75. Yes, that really happened. The real beauty of Craigslist (hereby known as CL, no point putting the whole thing, we're on a first name basis with the thing, right?) is the magic of an impersonal, 2-second sale. I mean, we're talking less personal than a yard sale, and that's so casual you can do a slow drive-by and not be questioned.

Anyway so my last CL purchase was a little weird. Weird might be a harsh term. We're not talking about the guy at the gym that spends hours on the stretch mats doing yoga stretches...OK. Please stop staring at me while I'm on the weights in front of you - don't make it my problem that you spend $35+ a month to sit in a gigantic room and stretch. THAT is weird. This was....different. Last week I bought a practically brand-new Northface ski jacket. My boyfriend and I met these people at an IHOP parking lot where they were on their way to Dallas. I mean, they have a time schedule, so you're looking at a hand-off that really doesn't even require words. This lady was really into sharing, though, and wanted to tell me how great it was that someone could use her daughter's snow jacket. Ok, that's nice, I'm happy too. In the middle of her exclamation, she puts her arms in the air. So my head goes like this, "Hmm, that looks like a hug, but this is CL so its definitely not a hug....wait, her arms are still there...maybe she's just that is a hug...this is happening, we're hugging." We hugged. Someone on CL wanted to hug. Am I supposed to send her pictures of my next ski trip wearing said jacket? Are we friends now? What? I kept thinking on the way home that the conversation in their truck must have been "Honey, you've gotta stop doing that when you sell stuff on CL, people are gonna think you're crazy." At least it wasn't the CL killer. Things to be thankful for...