Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year, New You

Hello 2018, it is nice to see you.

I have 2 resolutions this year, and (of course) every intention to stick to them.

1. (Mostly) complete 1 room of our home for each month of the year. We just moved in September, and our house is basically a blank canvas with a ton on the to-do list.
        To start, we will be doing our master bedroom closet. We asked our builders not to hang shelves so we could personalize the layout and maximize the space. We currently have little piles of clothes all over the place, and are borrowing a small closet from another room, so having this as our first room will clear up a lot of small areas throughout the house. The closet has stacks of boxes in it at the moment, so we will be starting from the ground up, and we are already a few days in to January so its time to get moving.

1a. In the process of completing a room from top to bottom, I want to declutter/minimalize/minimize the items in the room.
        Decluttering/minimalizing/minimizing (DMM from here on out) means something different for everyone. The purpose is to love what you have, and only have what you love. Purge everything else. By doing this 1 room at a time, perhaps I can reach the goal of 2,018 things by the end of 2018. I purged a lot when we moved, and again when we unpacked, but nothing serious, nothing committed. This time I am doing it with the intention of completing the task - to truly have only things I love left. Because here is where I am currently with most every area of my life:

It doesn't matter what I do, this spot, like many others, never stays clear, and it drives. me. crazy. Even when its clean, it still looks like a cluttered mess. 2018 is the year!

2. Make time to focus on myself. 
        This is partly in conjunction with my 1a. resolution. By being serious about my DMM project(s), I will be eliminating the clutter and noise in my life. But I also want to learn that its OK to say no. We do not have to attend every event, or celebration, or night out, or birthday party, or extra-curricular activity. We over-commit sometimes, finding ourselves with 3 scheduled things on 1 precious Saturday, and I find that leaves little time for things I truly want to be doing.

I want to challenge myself to be more like this woman:

I want to be the person that is bored on Saturday night so we play board games, or work a puzzle. I want to be have time to do things unplanned. I want to feel free to do things I want rather than out of obligation. This is the year.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Staticy Balls, Pun Intended

I swore I was going to blog more but I haven't felt like there was much blog-worthy the last few months.

There was poopgate 2016 where the dog liquid-diarreah'd on our living room rug so bad I didn't think it salvageable, so I decided to just get rid of it (the rug, not the dog). The trash wasn't coming for several days because it was the Thanksgiving break, so I rolled it up and put it in the garage, making sure the poop area was the innermost roll. Much to our surprise, someone picked up the rug from our trash, probably thinking they'd found a gem. I mean, I imagine they unrolled it a bit to check it out and decided it was worthy, and tossed it in their truck. Happy holidays to them.

There was also the embarrassment of being THOSE PEOPLE on our flight back from Chicago in December, where the baby cried nonstop until they turned off the seatbelt sign and we could walk with her. In her defense, we had been at the airport for hours, changed gates 6+ times (no kidding), gotten on one plane only to have to get off because of technical problems, had our flight delayed by several hours, and it was way past her bedtime. So glad I will never see any of those people again ever.

Anyway, we've been cloth diapering since the baby was about 2 months old, and one of the MORTAL SINS of cloth diapering is using dryer sheets. We put a clothesline out back around the same time we started, and I ordered some dryer balls just in case I needed to dry the diapers inside at some point. So, phase in the dryer balls, phase out the dryer sheets.

We use the line regularly - I usually wash and hang, and my husband brings them in and tosses them in the dryer. They always smell funny after drying outside, so a few minutes in the dryer with a dryer sheet and the smell is gone. But for the times its rainy or cold, I just dry the clothes inside with the dryer balls. Granted, I have noticed that the clothes still come out semi-staticy, but once I've separated the articles and folded them, I never notice static again. Not on my clothes, or towels, or anything, so I just keep on with the balls. So I wasn't even aware when we ran out of dryer sheets...

About a month ago, Vijay comes home from his grocery shopping trip and that night is like “Why didn’t you add dryer sheets to the list, we are out” and I said Oh, I didn’t even realize we are out, I haven’t used dryer sheets in months. He’s like "What?? You haven’t been using dryer sheets? At all?" I said no, we have the dryer balls so I never use them. He said "But some stuff is still staticy. We've discussed this." I said yeah but normally once I separate it, its not anymore, its just like the initial static. And he said “Please start using dryer sheets on my stuff” lol ok ok he’s not a fan of the dryer balls.

Last night he gets in bed and DEAD serious, says to me “Look I need you to start using dryer sheets, I cannot handle the static. Your dryer balls aren’t working anymore” I said ok I will. He continues “I know you have said your stuff isn’t staticy, but mine still is.” I said okay, I’ll use them for you! Its not that big a deal, I don’t mind. “My clothes are literally so staticy that toilet paper sticks to my leg when I use the bathroom” I busted out laughing, he did not think it was funny. “I’m serious! They may have worked for a while or something but they are not working anymore, please start using dryer sheets”. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing. The image of him trying to get to his butt but the paper sticking to his leg, hilarious! Aaahhh poor guy.

So I don't know if I bought the wrong brand or what, but the dryer balls may have to go. Sorry environment, I tried, but my husbands duty calls. You know what I mean.

Friday, October 28, 2016

With Old Age comes Blogging

I guess now that I'm 30 (tomorrow), and old, I may as well start blogging regularly. Plus I just had a baby so I'm sure she's going to be getting me into shenanigans worth blogging about. I mean, I already had the day I forgot to pack extra clothes and she had a massive blowout while I sat getting my hair cut, and I kept wondering what that awful smell was, so she had to run the rest of my errands with me while naked...her naked, not me. Obvi. Photos for reference.

There was also the early Halloween party where we (so cleverly, I thought) dressed her as a "deflated" football to match zombie Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen in our epic deflategate costume...and everyone commented on what a cute boy we had. Photo for reference.

Or that time we took her to the children's hospital at a week old and I leaned over to fill out paperwork and farted, courtesy of my recently expelled baby. I don't think the receptionist heard, though - I'm pretty sure the shuffling of pen, paper, purse, etc masked it....who am I kidding, she totally heard. And if she wasn't quite sure she heard what she thought she did, my wide eyes probably gave me away. No photo for reference, you're welcome.

At any rate, I have gone on a crafting spree for the little babe, and she is now outfitted with a warm winter "wrong Indian" poncho, as both grandmothers have hilariously pointed out, for as you may or may not know, my husband is West Indian. Here is the poncho pattern. This is seriously, hands down, the easiest sewing project I've ever done, and I loved how she constantly says, basically, just wing it. I am not the best seamstress (that word is way to professional to apply to my skill level) sewer on the planet so this was nice...if you zoom in you'll actually see the crooked zigzag where I accidentally switched my stitch to the wrong size zigzag and it was drastically obvious. I have since covered it with a diamond piece of felt like the blogger suggests so it really didn't matter, but these pics were my test run so, errors in full view.

And naturally, like the perfect baby she is, she loves it. We took her out in it Wednesday night and at one point she started crying. I thought she might've been hot, so I took it off -- she immediately went silent. It couldn't have been from the poncho though, she was probably just making noise, so I put it back on. She started crying immediately so I took it back off and she went silent. That was really just a coincidence, though, so I put it back on. She started crying so I took it off. Who am I kidding, she completely and utterly hates it. I'm pretty sure its because she can't use her arms while she has it on, but its so adorable that I will make her love it.

It really is pretty cool though. Babies can't wear coats when they're in their carseat, and I've read mommy-blog complaints about how you have to take them OUT of their coat to put them in their carseat and then they lose all the warmth they had in their coat, and vice versa when you take them from their blanket/carseat warmth to put them into their coat. This fixes all of that. And the ducking fabric (in place of the suggested linen) I used has some weight to it so it really is pretty warm. I might have to make one for myself!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

First World Probs

Are you familiar with first world problems? It's those little things in life that are so irritating, but it's things that are actually just luxuries in first world countries. For example, the dryer door at my boyfriend's house will NOT stay open, so every time I scoop a handful of laundry out of the washer, I have to kick open the dryer door with my knee. EVERY TIME. First world prob. Or the fact that my hand is too small to push both the Alt and L key on the keyboard to lock my computer at work before stepping out...I have to use two hands. UGH! TWO HANDS?! So annoying. Or how about the fact that its impossible to rinse a spoon in the kitchen sink without water spraying everywhere because of the shape of the spoon? Anybody?? 

Let's talk the latest first world problem seriously affecting my life these days. The silverware drawer. Why is it that no matter what I do, the silverware holder shifts toward the back of the drawer?!

Exhibit A:

I'm sure this happens to everyone.....RIGHT?!?!? What are we supposed to do? I mean, it probably happens so much to you that you don't even realize it. We are forever pulling the holder back to the front of the drawer. Every time I think "Maybe if I start closing the drawer slower" proceeded by a gentle shove to shut the drawer. Then before I know it, I'm opening it one day and it needs to be pulled to the front again. I could just leave it where it is -- not let it win -- but then i have to open the drawer completely just to get something out. And if I ignore it, I'll probably open the drawer one day and the silverware will be so far back in the drawer that I won't even be able to see it.
 It's ridiculously irritating. Is my holder not heavy enough? Should I forgo said holder altogether? Should I screw it to the bottom of the drawer?! Omg. FWP.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I got this neat little mold at Target last month titled "raspberry pocket pies" and thought I would try it out for a Valentine's dessert. It's pretty basic, so I'm certain it could be done with any cookie cutter, if you're crafty enough.

1 (15oz) pkg refrigerated pie crust dough OR 1 recipe of pastry for double crust pie
1/3 cup sugar, plus more for sprinkling
2 tsp cornstarch
1 cup fresh raspberries
1 egg, beaten
Heated oven to 400 degrees

 Ingredients, prepped and ready to begin.

Step 1, roll out dough, cut shapes.

Step 2, press shapes on each side of mold.
Step 3, fill one side with 2 Tbsp raspberries, top with 1 Tbsp sugar/cornstarch mixture.

 I don't know what 2 Tbsp raspberries is in Target land, but i could squeeze 5 berries inside perfectly. I also did a less than 1 whole Tbsp of the sugar seemed like way too much. I've probably completely ruined Vday by now.

Step 4, Use pastry brush to brush edges with beaten egg.
Step 5, Fold pie press, squeeze to crimp. (Cookie cutter users, you'll have to improvise. Good luck)
Step 6, Brush tops with egg and sprinkle with sugar. Bake 15-20 min, until golden brown.

 As I don't own a pastry brush because I find them virtually useless, I used my fingers. Also, this photo is evidence that I completely forgot the sprinkled sugar toppings...great, if I didn't ruin Vday earlier, it's def over now.

The photo on the front of the package showed little heart holes on the pies...those weren't included on the mold, so I cut mine with a knife. I had a bright idea to cook the little mini hearts along with the pies...pretty sure those are currently burning in the oven. I also opted to NOT reuse my remaining pie dough. You know, I'm generally one to use everything to the last drop, but seeing as how I paid who-knows-what for perfectly rolled 9-inch pie rounds, I feel I deserve to throw them away. I paid for that luxury, didn't I?

So...I learn by trial and error. 1 pie crust round only makes 2 mini pies, and my box of dough came with two rounds. On my SECOND round of pies, I pureed the raspberries...for as you will notice, the whole berries are peeking out of my heart hole. I also opted not to do the mini hearts...over it. Oh, and I DIDN'T forget the sprinkled sugar this time, haha. However, the pies didn't puff up...i suppose because the insides were flat on round 2...and some raspberry filling oozed out...oh well. I did get to taste the oozed filling, though, and YUM!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Called it...burned the mini hearts!