Friday, January 6, 2017

Staticy Balls, Pun Intended

I swore I was going to blog more but I haven't felt like there was much blog-worthy the last few months.

There was poopgate 2016 where the dog liquid-diarreah'd on our living room rug so bad I didn't think it salvageable, so I decided to just get rid of it (the rug, not the dog). The trash wasn't coming for several days because it was the Thanksgiving break, so I rolled it up and put it in the garage, making sure the poop area was the innermost roll. Much to our surprise, someone picked up the rug from our trash, probably thinking they'd found a gem. I mean, I imagine they unrolled it a bit to check it out and decided it was worthy, and tossed it in their truck. Happy holidays to them.

There was also the embarrassment of being THOSE PEOPLE on our flight back from Chicago in December, where the baby cried nonstop until they turned off the seatbelt sign and we could walk with her. In her defense, we had been at the airport for hours, changed gates 6+ times (no kidding), gotten on one plane only to have to get off because of technical problems, had our flight delayed by several hours, and it was way past her bedtime. So glad I will never see any of those people again ever.

Anyway, we've been cloth diapering since the baby was about 2 months old, and one of the MORTAL SINS of cloth diapering is using dryer sheets. We put a clothesline out back around the same time we started, and I ordered some dryer balls just in case I needed to dry the diapers inside at some point. So, phase in the dryer balls, phase out the dryer sheets.

We use the line regularly - I usually wash and hang, and my husband brings them in and tosses them in the dryer. They always smell funny after drying outside, so a few minutes in the dryer with a dryer sheet and the smell is gone. But for the times its rainy or cold, I just dry the clothes inside with the dryer balls. Granted, I have noticed that the clothes still come out semi-staticy, but once I've separated the articles and folded them, I never notice static again. Not on my clothes, or towels, or anything, so I just keep on with the balls. So I wasn't even aware when we ran out of dryer sheets...

About a month ago, Vijay comes home from his grocery shopping trip and that night is like “Why didn’t you add dryer sheets to the list, we are out” and I said Oh, I didn’t even realize we are out, I haven’t used dryer sheets in months. He’s like "What?? You haven’t been using dryer sheets? At all?" I said no, we have the dryer balls so I never use them. He said "But some stuff is still staticy. We've discussed this." I said yeah but normally once I separate it, its not anymore, its just like the initial static. And he said “Please start using dryer sheets on my stuff” lol ok ok he’s not a fan of the dryer balls.

Last night he gets in bed and DEAD serious, says to me “Look I need you to start using dryer sheets, I cannot handle the static. Your dryer balls aren’t working anymore” I said ok I will. He continues “I know you have said your stuff isn’t staticy, but mine still is.” I said okay, I’ll use them for you! Its not that big a deal, I don’t mind. “My clothes are literally so staticy that toilet paper sticks to my leg when I use the bathroom” I busted out laughing, he did not think it was funny. “I’m serious! They may have worked for a while or something but they are not working anymore, please start using dryer sheets”. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing. The image of him trying to get to his butt but the paper sticking to his leg, hilarious! Aaahhh poor guy.

So I don't know if I bought the wrong brand or what, but the dryer balls may have to go. Sorry environment, I tried, but my husbands duty calls. You know what I mean.

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