Monday, March 5, 2012

First Degree

I'm a murderer.

And I feel terrible, guilty, regretful, sad, angry, embarrassed, shameful, etc.

See we got this giant tree ON Thanksgiving.
 Or...not so giant.

So anyway, we got it on Thanksgiving which means we had 4 weeks until Christmas. We watered it every day, never letting it get dry. I read all about caring for your live Christmas tree, etc. And apparently I'm google challenged because while researching about how to plant it, I read in several places to plant it in spring. I guess that's just the regular "plant a pine tree" not "plant a Christmas tree sitting in your house". So I planned to plant it in mid March-ish. 

Around Feb 1 I started noticing how wobbly the needles looked. They were like a wrinkly old man, all knotty and withered. Hmm, so we moved it to an eastern window to get direct sunlight. While is sat soaking up the rays for a few days, I began researching again about planting. Every thing was so easy to find this time. 
"Plant your tree IMMEDIATELY after Christmas."
"DO NOT wait until Spring."
"Don't keep your tree in the house for more than two weeks."
"Your tree is probably already dead."
"You've killed a plant, way to go."
"You're worthless."

Not really on those last three, but I mean that's basically how it translated. In a last ditch effort to reclaim my dignity, I planted it anyway. One Saturday it was 75+ outside and had just rained. I borrowed a shovel from the neighbor, put my rain boots on, and buried that tree perfectly (at least I did 1 thing right). 

Here we are 3 weeks later and LO!!! My tree is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding.

So the lessons I learned are A. Don't get a tree an entire month before Christmas. and B. Plant it immediately! :(


  1. MURDERER!!! Not, but I did laugh. Poor little thing.

    1. Poor little or the tree?