Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello Neighbor

My roommate's dog is this crazy little mutt we rescued from the pound about a year and a half ago. His name is Madden.
Madden refuses to do a trick without barking at you first. Literally, every single time.

   "Madden, play dead."
   "RUFF. RUFF." *rolls over dead*

Madden also LOVES being outside. In the summer we left him outside all day every day. And when we let him in? He'd run around for a little bit, get bored, then sit patiently by the back door waiting to be let back out.
What does Madden do in the backyard all day? I'm not sure, but chatting with the neighbors is apparently one of his favorite hobbies. See there used to be this small knot hole in the fence. My roommate explained to me one day that she'd noticed that hole had gotten much much bigger since she last noticed it. Some time later, she explained that the hole had stopped growing, and she was proud of Madden for not chewing his way out of the backyard.
I took my dog for a short walk around the block one day and discovered this!

It was definitely no escape attempt, he's just a little chatty!!!

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