Monday, October 17, 2011

Little Gentlemen

My oldest sister is participated in a craft fair Saturday and I decided at the last minute to whip together something crafty to put in to sell. I've been seeing these cute little onsies pop up on the internet world a bit lately, so I thought I'd try my hand at a few...which turned into several...but they're sooo cute I wish I wore onesies myself! Well, I suppose I could but....hmm, halloween costume idea? Adult diapers, giant onesies...nah, too far. Anywho, here they are!


These were so ridiculously easy to make, I couldn't believe it. I spent $20 on onesies and $10 on fabric, including Under Wunder...Wonder Under....whatever its called. Stop one, I drew and cut out my shapes. I arranged them onto my underwonder based on the fabric I wanted to use, that way I could iron everything at once then cut it out. Then I traced them.

Next I spread the material out underneath the UW, ironed it on, and cut out my shapes. The directions on the UW are simple to special secrets on how its done. I did find that once I cut out my shapes, the longer it had been sinced I'd ironed them the easier it was to get the backing off to iron onto the shirt. I had a couple that I kept overnight to finish in the morning and those were the two easiest to peel!

The most fun part about it is that you could make any little print you wanted! I really wanted to do a little elephant, or maybe a giraffe, but my drawing skills aren't that advanced. I had so much fun making these that I went back for a second round a few days later once my creative juices started flowing again!

PS...I don't know why my pics are uploading sideways. Annoying...
Now go make some onesies! (or feel free to buy mine =P )

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  1. I LOVE the turtle one!! Way to go Miss Crafty! Next you should try some colored onesies!! :) :) :)