Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fatty McFat

This is disgusting, and embarrassing.

Let me just say in my defense, I haven't been able to dump my recycle trashcan in a REALLY long time so these have accrued. I used to never ever drink soda. But then...

Albertson's right up the street sells those long 24 cases of soda for 3 for 10. That's 72 sodas, which is like 14 cents a drink. 14 cents!!! We're like back in 1920 guys, is this possible? But that's not what did it to me, that's just what led to a stockpile of Dr. Pepper at the house. What really did it is the refrigerator. Yep, the good ole fridge.

Something is wrong with our fridge. There are 2, sometimes 3 spots (not shelves, SPOTS) in the fridge that if something is there it will freeze. We have tried adjusting the temperature, even blamed it on the location of the fans, but really there is no explanation. The very bottom crisper is one of the culprits. Well, parts of the crisper. There are 2 spots in there that will FREEZE your drink rock solid. The rest, just fine. But not "just fine", no these are GREAT. These are the best dr peppers I've ever had in my entire life. They get so cold down there that little ice crystals form in the drink. If you'd ever had a Dr. Pepper with ice crystals in it you will realize its the greatest drink on earth.

Me and my roommate compared one day. She got just a plain cold DP (borringgg) out of the fridge, at the same time I took a magical DP from the cold depths of the fridge. We taste tested both and agreed that the ice chips DP was waaayyy better. Since then, I drink DP constantly at home so I can get that mouthwatering refreshing feel of LITERALLY ICE COLD DP. It is delicious. I'm on a kick and I take one to work with me almost every day. Its embarrassing. And disgusting. But whats probably even more gross is that yes, I just sat and dug every can out of the recycle bin. Don't judge me.

Turn your fridge down a couple notches and see if you can get this glorious phenomenon.


  1. Oh my goodness... I am not judging you at ALL!! I completely agree with this!!!! A couple of weeks ago I put a Dr Pepper in the fridge and to my sweet surprise... someone had turned the fridge down as low as it would go to try and keep some ice cream cold. I went back to get it a few hours later and ... aaaaaahhhh... sweet, wonderful, icy dr. pepper. It doesn't get any better than that!!!
    I LOVED this post!!

  2. Me too!! I have those same spots in the fridge (I think they're "ghosts of fridges past") and I love it when my Dr. Pepper gets those ice crystals because of it. :D