Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simmering Stir Fry

I'm not exactly sure what "stir fry" is. I mean, I know what stir fry means, but if I'm ordering it off of a menu, I don't think I really know what it is. Does it have rice? Are noodles in there sometimes? Do you pre-cook the rice? Does it have to have soy sauce cooked in?????? I'm so confused.

Anyway, I bought a bag of frozen veggies at Target the other day..."Stir Fry Medley" or something like that. You can never go wrong with a medley, that's for sure. I've been craving this medley but have been afraid to use it because I don't know the stir-fry rules. So I decided to make my own.

Simmering is quite possibly my favorite way to make food amazing. If I'm not sure if somethings done, or I need it to stay warm, or I want it to really soak the juices in, or if my bread in the oven still has 7 minutes, I simmer. Its pretty much my go-to move. When in doubt, simmer.

I chopped up my chicken, tossed it in with a little olive oil and sesame oil (pretty much an asian-food staple), seasoned it, and let it cook. Now listen, I'm a freak about meat. I never know when its done and my eyes have this magical way of seeing pink in the chicken even if its not there. So, to combat this fear, I just simmer it even when I think it might be done. I also hate microwaves - before I moved in with my current roommate, I lived microwaveless for an entire year and I never missed it once. Truly. So, how do you cook frozen vegetables if you don't want to use the microwave and want the juices/flavors of your chicken to mingle? SIMMER!

I tossed in a little soy sauce for flavor, tons of lime juice (can never go wrong there), put a lid on and let it simmer until my veggies were nice and soft.

I'd say if this wasn't really stir fry, well I don't really care.


  1. Lol. It does look amazing. You should go to the Fort Worth School of Culinary Art and be a chef or have parties and invite me! LOL

  2. I am 100% a freak about meat too! Q is constantly having to reassure me that my chicken is NOT pink. I swear... My Chk is pink every time I eat out!!
    Stir-fry looks great!! Wish I had some!!