Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nearly Freebies

I love smart online shopping. Last week I received a coupon for The Limited -- $20 off your purchase. No minimum buy required, online or in-store, valid for 1 month.

You just have to be SMART! First, I check the sales racks. The Limited is always so expensive -- iInever shop there and really don't know how I got on the mailing list. But there are wristlets, rings, and tanktops in their sale listing for under $20...nothing good there today. So here's what I picked:

This watch is originally $42.90. The Limited is currently having a 40% off jewelry sale taking it down to $25.74, plus my $20 off coupon making this a whopping $5.74. SOLD. Lets just hope it fits.

Another website I ALWAYS use when shopping online, without fail, is
You're pretty much a failure if you know about this site and don't use it. You go to that site, search for any online shopping site (for example, I searched today), and it brings up a list of all the current coupons available. Free shipping, $10 off, buy one get one, etc. There was nothing there for the Limited today that applied to me, but I've saved SO much money using that site. ALWAYS check it, no matter WHERE you're shopping online.

Another trick I use is signing up for all the email subscriptions from my favorite shopping sites. Yes, it's a little annoying having to delete all those emails, but I get tons of coupons in them. If I've been eyeing something to buy, it's only a matter of time before an awesome discount comes in through my email.

Lastly, another site I shop on is This site offers discounted items for 3 days at a time only -- vacation packages, clothes, shoes, toys, food. A lot of it is designer, expensive stuff, but definitely not all. If there's something you're wanting, it will probably eventually show up on Rue! And the discounts are HUGE. Sometimes they have items marked down as much as $800, like Rolexes, and things like that. I've bought a watch from there, a pair of Puma shoes, ski goggles, tons of stuff. I'm currently waiting on this Fossil bag to show up...its $218 at Macy's, but it will be under $100 on Rue.

It's all about shopping smart!

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  1. So glad you are blogging again!! Now if I can just remember all these tricks next time I'm online! You're a genius!