Thursday, November 3, 2011

Best Birthday Ever

My sweet boyfriend threw me a surprise birthday party this past weekend since I was turning the big 25 (woohoo, I can rent a car without paying an extra fee now!!!!!!!!!!!)

I've never had a surprise party before, but he did a pretty great job.
We were supposed to be going to a friends house for a costume party. He came over early to get ready with me and drive me...he said he was picking me up so I didn't have to drive since it was my birthday. I fell for that one. Little did I know that the whole time he was at my house, all my friends were sneaking about getting things ready. I was actually mad at him when he finally showed up to my house around 6:30 because it was MY BIRTHDAY and I'd been sitting at home, bored and alone, a good part of the day. RUDE!!!

We left my house around 8:30. I tried to convince him to stop for food because I was starving, and to stop for candy for my Little Red Riding Hood basket, but he said we would stop on the way to his friends. Fine.

Then he blindfolded me at the stop sign by his home. Well, I blindfolded myself. He had these ridiculous claw fingernails on and couldn't use his fingers. When we walked in the house and he uncovered my eyes, everyone yelled and I swear an entire minute went by before I could even form a solid thought in my head or speak.
I remember that every single face I saw, a thought would flit through my head about where they had told me they were supposed to be. Amanda...aren't you supposed to be with your boyfriend at a friends? were helping get things together for Lindsey's party that you HAD to go to because you bailed on her last year for my birthday. Alisha...Didn't you have plans with your sister?
It slowly started forming in my head that omg everyone, EVERYONE, had lied to me for weeks! EEVVERRYYOONNNEEEE. Even my sisters who had called me to tell me happy birthday THAT MORNING! I finally found my voice and brain and started saying hello. It was so overwhelming, but fantastic! As the night went on, more and more people came to wish me happy birthday, I felt soooo loved!!!!!

I'm not sure my boyfriend will ever be able to outdo himself again! He was so proud!!! =P


  1. I think Janell needs some credit for helping make it all work out and for all her time and effort. I understand she really worked hard. Glad you had a good birthday.

  2. Hey and I need credit for not COMPLETELY blowing the cover more than once!! Lol. I am a HORRIBLE secret keeper!! Glad you had a good bday!! Those friends of yours are keepers. :) I'm telling ViJay he better watch out... The Big Bad Wolf has been flirting with u!